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Interoperability test

CANopen linear actuator passed test

The CiA-301-certified LAxxCAN by Linak passed the CANopen interoperability test ensuring the device’s capability of interacting with a variety of CANopen devices from multiple vendors.

LAxxCAN linear actuator (Source: Linak)

In June 2020, CiA (CAN in Automation) tested the device regarding the conformity to the main CANopen specification CiA 301. The CANopen interoperability testing proves whether a CANopen device can be integrated into a CANopen network and perform its function without causing any communication problems. CiA engineers test the interoperability using a pre-configured CANopen network with CANopen-compliant and interoperable devices controlled by the PLC (programmable logic controller) Modicon (Schneider Electric). All these devices, manufactured by CiA member companies, are mounted into a portable interoperability testing bench. The devices include I/O modules, encoders, drives, etc. and are pre-configured to operate in the same network.

CiA tests the conformity and interoperability of CANopen devices as an independent third party (Source: CAN in Automation)

Beside CANopen, the LAxxCAN linear actuator series supports the J1939 higher-layer protocol. Compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the electric linear actuators are easier to install and require almost no maintenance, said the company. The devices are used in industrial automation, mobile agriculture, farming solutions, marine applications, outdoor power equipment, etc. With the passed CiA interoperability test, device manufacturers are able to assure customers that their CANopen devices can be configured with a third-party PLC and are also able to interact in a network with other CANopen devices. After a successful test, the device can be listed on the CiA website. In addition, the device manufacturer receives a detailed test report, provided by the CiA test engineer.


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