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CiA 301 compliant

Three tested CANopen devices

End of December three devices passed the CANopen conformance test at the CiA test center. CiA (CAN in Automation) provides a test report to the device suppliers.

CiA’s test center performs the CANopen conformance test as an independent third party (Source: CAN in Automation)

CiA’s CANopen conformance test ensures the device’s compatibility with the CANopen application layer and communication profile (CiA 301). Manufacturers of the tested devices can prove to their customers that their products are CANopen conform. Lately, three devices passed the test.

Electrak MD actuators are available for forces up to 2 kN (Source: Thomson)

The CANopen certified Electrak MD series by Thomson Industries (US) are IP69K/IP66-protected electromechanical linear actuators for factory automation, material handling, and mobile off-highway applications. The J1939 option was not tested. The devices with lengths from 50-mm to 300-mm integrate encoders and switches within the actuator housing. Feedback on position, low-current switching (PLC-compatibility), and end-of-stroke indication output are the offered functions. Open loop speed control, overload protection, voltage and current monitoring, dynamic motor braking, and temperature compensation are provided as well.

The operating and maintenance data of AT40 CAN ADV are available by means of SDO and MPDO services (Source: Siemens)

Sidoor AT40 CAN ADV by Siemens is a control unit for elevator doors. The possible opening width of an up to 600-kg lift door is 5 m. The control and maintenance data of the device is exchanged via CANopen. Additionally, to the CiA 301 specification, the unit supports the door controller related functionality according to the application profile for CANopen lift devices (CiA 417). The device with an input voltage of 36 VDC offers a 24-VDC output dedicated for encoder supply. One EIA-485, four digital inputs, and two relay outputs are available. The controller measuring 320 mm x 60 mm x 80 mm is dedicated for operation at ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +50 °C.

The Rollerdrive EC5000 is designed for material flow systems (Photo: Interroll)

Rollerdrive EC5000 motor rollers by Interroll (Switzerland) are dedicated for use in conveyor systems. The CANopen connectivity enables users to control the acceleration, speed, and braking of the conveyed materials, and to position the product on the conveyor with millimeter precision, which is essential for seamless integration with robots or automated gripper arms. The integrated functions also allow to obtain data on performance, number of cycles, or operating hours. The devices can be used in 24‑VDC and 48‑VDC systems. The 20‑W, 35‑W, and 50‑W versions can be used in transport tasks for light or heavy goods. The IP66-rated rollers can be installed in areas that are cleaned using water jets or that reach temperatures as low as -30 °C.


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