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Upcoming CAN-related seminars

Attendees of the seminars of CAN in Automation (CiA) receive basic information on CAN/CAN FD or CANopen and other CAN-related know-how. Additonally, a seminar on CAN 2020 is coming up.

CAN in Automation offers a range of CAN-related seminars (Photo: CiA)

In CiA's regular CAN seminars, attendees learn the principles of CAN-based networking, how CAN works, which possibilities CAN offers, and in which markets CAN is used. In addition they are informed about the latest developments in the field of CAN, including the latest CAN physical layer options and they get an insight into the improved CAN protocol CAN FD. The next seminars will be held on July 5 and September 28, in Nuremberg (Germany). They will be held in German.

Another seminar that CiA offers is CANopen seminars. Participants study the basic principles of CANopen in order to select the right CANopen device for their applications, to integrate their device in a proper control application, or to design the intended CANopen device behavior. Furthermore, they get an overview of CANopen application fields. The next dates are July 6 and September 29. Both seminars will take also place in Nuremberg and will be in German.

A while ago, CAN in Automation announced a new activity called CAN 2020. This event is all about the future of CAN FD, CANopen FD, J1939 on CAN FD, etc. The content of the CAN 2020 event covers basic technical information on CAN FD, the impact on higher-layer protocols including CANopen, J1939, etc., and the challenges of system designers when using higher bit-rates. The event is dedicated for decision makers in device development, technical marketing, and system design. Participation is free-of-charge for members of CiA. Non-members pay a fee of €100 to compensate the expenses. The next upcoming event is on September 27 and the location is Berlin (Germany). It will also be in German.


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