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17th international CAN Conference recorded videos available

CAN in Automation (CiA) has announced the opportunity to get access to the video-recorded presentations of the 17th international CAN Conference (iCC). This way, anyone who missed the conference is still able to experience it.

Interested persons who missed to join the iCC, all presentation videos including the CiA webinars, presentation slides, and iCC proceedings can be purchased from CiA (Source: CiA/Adobe Stock)

In June 2021, the first digital international CAN Conference (iCC) has closed its “windows”. It was the first time that the nonprofit CiA association organized an online conference. On the four-day 17th iCC (the CAN Newsletter reported), CAN experts talked about history, presence, and future of CAN. The moto was “From Classical CAN via CAN FD to CAN XL”. About 100 engineers from 35 companies attended this event.

For those, who missed the conference, there is the opportunity to watch the video-recorded presentations. CiA offers for a fee of 200 euro (without German VAT) for non-members and 150 euro (without German VAT) for members the possibility to get the needed links for all iCC videos including the iCC accompanying webinars plus presentation slides. The iCC proceedings (96 euro without German VAT) are available for those, who just want to read the information provided on the conference.

For those who first want to get an impression of the iCC, CiA also provides preview videos of all iCC papers and webinars free of charge on its Youtube channel:

• 17th international CAN Conference: Preview of papers
• 17th international CAN Conference: Preview of webinars

Originally, the iCC was planned as two-day conference in Baden-Baden (Germany). However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed (the CAN Newsletter reported).


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