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Softing partnerships

Telematics and diagnostics solutions

Softing’s subsidiary Globalmatix provides the outdoor travel provider Roadsurfer with a telematics solution. Softing Automotive also partners with Kvaser regarding hardware interfaces for its diagnostic test development suite.

The telematics interface from Softing subsidiary Globalmatix will be installed in the entire camper fleet of Roadsurfer (Source: Roadsurfer, Globalmatix)

In the future, the telematics interface from Globalmatix (Liechtenstein) will be installed in the entire camper fleet of Roadsurfer (Germany). The camper fleet will comprise 5000 vehicles this year. The international fleet management will be possible with the Globalmatix Car-to-Cloud-to-Company Management (C3M) solution including security-related encryption technology. The communication is based on the Globalmatix xTCU interface, an 4G/LTE-capable diagnostic logger with CAN and GPS connectivity. It is combined with a proprietary firmware, mobile license including telecommunication, and telematics platform (cloud). Only one data transmission device is required for all applications such as vehicle diagnostics, early detection of impending defects, reporting of accidents, and notification of upcoming service intervals. Further functionality includes switching-off of the vehicle components to prevent further travel in the event of theft. A station-free and contactless vehicle handover or return is possible as well. The telematics solution allows detection of minor accidents that often leave no traces, including damage report and cost calculation. Complete vehicle documentation with determination of current market value upon resale can be generated.

Dr. Wolfgang Trier, Chairman of the Board of Softing AG: “Our young start-up Globalmatix is becoming something of a growth driver for the company. With the cloud-based xTCU telematics solution, the contact- and station-less Fleet Management 4.0 will be possible in the constantly growing market of car sharing and rental car firms.”

In 2022, the Roadsurfer station network covers 50 locations in 12 countries. The camper-van fleet consists mainly of VW, Mercedes, Fiat, and Ford vans with pop-up roofs. With its booking platform “Roadsurfer spots”, the company is also responding to the high demand for overnight stays on private and individual pitches in compact camper-vans as an alternative to large campsites and tourist hotspots.

Communication interface for after-sales service diagnostics

Softing Automotive and Kvaser offer a plug-and-play solution for diagnostic tasks in after-sales, which can withstand though requirements in the repair shop environment (Source: Kvaser, Softing)

Softing Automotive Electronics (Germany) has recommended the Kvaser U100 CAN(FD)-to-USB interface as its preferred vehicle communication interface (VCI) to pair with its after-sales tester Softing TDX.workshop. The latter is a tool for service technicians all over the world for use in repair shops and in the field as well as during commissioning and vehicle testing. The solution is used for error localization, repair and commissioning of individual components as well as entire vehicle systems, including electric vehicles, and mobile working machinery. It offers a range of diagnostic functions, such as creating of vehicle reports, reading out and clearing the error memory, displaying of measurement values, testing actuators, running test sequences, and guided troubleshooting. Parameterizing, programming, and exchanging of ECUs (electronic control units) is possible as well. Additional information, such as repair instructions, exploded drawings, videos and web content, support the user in maintenance and repair of the vehicle or component. The current version 2.5 already supports the U100 CAN interface.

Kvaser (Sweden) has knowledge in CAN interface and data logger design. The U100 interface was designed as a VCI for the entire vehicle lifecycle. With reinforced galvanic isolation, it represents a ground-up redesign of the company’s rugged Leaf CAN-to-USB interfaces to respond to a wider incidence of higher voltage environment in automotive, marine, industrial, heavy-duty vehicle, and heavy industries, explained the company.

“The Kvaser U100 will be used to request diagnostic data from the vehicle or machine’s electrical system for fault identification, localization and repair, and for ECU software updates, or reprogramming. Stable, fast, and reliable, it is the perfect fit for Softing TDX”, said Peter Subke, Softing Automotive’s Director of Business Development. He added: “The extremely rugged housing, IP67 rating, and reinforced galvanic isolation make this ideally suited to hard, aftersales environments, yet with the stand-out performance that is increasingly expected of VCIs today.”


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