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Technology days in 2022

The nonprofit users’ and manufacturers’ group CAN in Automation (CiA) continues its technology days in 2022. These include background information on possible applications and market information. Topics are cybersecurity, CiA in action, as well as one Chinese-focused technology day.

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The association organizes technology days to inform the CAN community on the current status of CAN-based networking. This is done in respect to specific application fields or regional industries. Current developments on CAN XL, CAN FD, CAN FD Light, Classical CAN, or CAN-based higher-layer protocols such as CANopen are covered. Speakers are CAN experts; either representatives from the association’s members or from its office.

In 2022, four free-of-charge technology days are scheduled:

Cybersecurity technology day 2022-04-25 online English
CiA in action technology day 2022-07-06 online English
Chinese CiA technology day 2022-09-15 online 汉语
CiA in action technology day 2022-12-06 online English

* Subject to change without notice.

The English-language cybersecurity technology day focuses on the development of security technologies in embedded context with the specific requirements to CAN-based technologies covering Classical CAN, CAN FD, and CAN XL. The technology day features an introductory presentation of the challenges in embedded networking in critical infrastructure. They are found in railway applications, medical applications for intensive care, energy generation and supply applications like wind mills, photovoltaic systems or energy management systems, as well as more application fields. The event also presents existing solutions for CAN-based applications.

The two CiA in action technology days in English language provide latest activities in the CAN community, accompanied by the association. The speakers give an overview on the current work items and discussions in CiA working groups. Topics include CAN FD, CAN FD Light, CAN XL, CANopen (FD), CiA profiles, bootloader, as well as an open discussion.

The Chinese technology day focuses on specific application fields and topics, relevant for the Chinese CAN community for example CAN in automotive and non-automotive applications. The speakers also discuss latest trends in CAN-based networking, considering CAN FD, CAN XL, CiA profiles under development etc. Additionally, they examine the impact of these trends on higher-layer protocols, such as CANopen (FD) or J1939.

CiA technology days are held online and as in-person events depending on the Covid-19 pandemic situation. At the end of the event, there is the opportunity to discuss additional topics.


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