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War against Ukraine

Healthcare industry donates

War increases business for the healthcare industry. CiA (CAN in Automation) members providing medical equipment have donated money for humanitarian relief to people in Ukraine.

Bayer colleagues have set up a platform where employees can offer housing to colleagues from Ukraine and their families who may need temporary shelter while country organizations and employee-led initiatives are organizing local volunteering campaigns (Source: Bayer)

War causes injured people, soldiers and civilians. But the healthcare industry does not like this business increase. CiA members manufacturing medical devices and medical laboratory equipment with embedded CAN networks strongly damned the Russian aggression against Ukraine. They have donated money for humanitarian relief and initiated help for refugees.

The health technology company Royal Philips and the non-profit Philips Foundation organization provide support to help address the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and at its borders. This support includes hospital relief, support for acute and emergency care, financial support, and supplies for displaced Ukrainian citizens, plus a dedicated employee donation program. The company is one of the early CiA members, which uses embedded CAN networks in many of its medical devices. It has also contributed to the development of the CAN Application Layer (CAL), which is the predecessor of the CANopen application layer.

“We strongly condemn the war in Ukraine and are deeply concerned and saddened by the devastating impact it is having on the country’s people,” said Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips. “We are working hard to help those impacted by this crisis, including our own colleagues and their families in the country, and supporting local hospitals and other care providers on the ground as best we can. As a health technology company, we will uphold our purpose to improve the health and well-being of people through innovation, at the core of which is a deep respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy.”

The Philips Foundation is providing a 24-bed mobile hospital equipped with Philips’ patient monitors, electrocardiographs, and handheld diagnostic ultrasound devices. The mobile hospital is expected to be installed in the city of Lviv. In addition to the installation of a mobile hospital in Ukraine, the Philips Foundation is working with Philips’ teams in Poland and Romania, as well as humanitarian organizations with a local presence, such as the Red Cross, to install mobile check-up units – using Philips handheld diagnostic ultrasound devices – near the Ukrainian border in Poland.

Philips employees can donate via the Philips Foundation to help provide humanitarian relief to people in Ukraine and at its borders. All donations received will go directly to initiatives that provide immediate relief to people in Ukraine and help alleviate the situation at the country’s borders. Philips has committed to matching the collective contributions made by its employees.

Also, the German Siemens-Healthineer company, another long-time CiA member using CANopen in its medical devices, has made some donations for the Ukraine victims. “We strongly condemn the invasion by Russian forces of Ukraine, a sovereign European nation, and stand with the international community in calling for peace. As a company we have already announced our initial commitment of one million Euro in immediate funds to provide aid to refugees, and we are matching our employees' donations. So far, our colleagues have donated nearly 500 000 Euro,” said the company in a statement.

The CiA member Bayer Healthcare located in U.S.A. has stated: “More than two weeks have passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From the outset, we have utterly condemned this brutal aggression against a sovereign country. Our hearts ache as we see the devastation and death affecting innocent civilians, including children. Thousands have been killed or wounded, millions are fleeing the country, and the humanitarian situation of those who stay is deteriorating by the hour. We stand by the people of Ukraine who can fully count on our solidarity and support.”

Bayer Healthcare providing CANopen-connectable contrast media injectors continues to prioritize the safety of its 700 colleagues in Ukraine and will continue to provide them and their families with financial aid, shelter, and evacuation assistance. In response to the humanitarian crisis, Bayer has established a three million Euro disaster relief fund and provided both monetary assistance and donations of health products like antibiotics to help up to 27 000 Ukrainian patients. “Our employees continue to respond generously - donating more than one million Euro so far through a Red Cross relief campaign, which we will be matching,” reported the company.

As its members, CiA Board of Directors condemns the Russian aggression against Ukraine. CiA has developed several CANopen profiles for healthcare applications. This includes the CiA 412-2 x-ray collimator profile, the CiA 412-6 profile for dosemeters, the CiA 425 series for contrast media injectors, and the CiA 434 series for laboratory automation. There is also the CiA 810 implementation guideline for laboratory equipment such as dilutors, dispensers, and pumps as well as heating, cooling, and shaking units.