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Variohm and Vector expand their portfolios

Variohm Group has acquired the Control Products (CPI) providing CAN-connectable harsh-duty position sensors. Vector expands its solutions for testing of software-based embedded and connected systems by acquiring Gimpel Software.

CPI’s sensor models are available with ATEX, IECEX, and SIL 2 approvals (Source: Variohm)

CPI’s draw-wire position sensors are suitable for harsh-duty application areas, where the manufacturer has over seventy years of experience. The devices are used for demanding control tasks in aerospace and military, construction, off-highway, agriculture, mining, subsea, oil and gas, and other fields. The company’s linear position sensors meet the challenging demands for large hydraulic cylinders (up to 15 m) and accumulators used in construction equipment and material-handling industries. Basic principles of draw-wire sensors combined with a non-contacting sensing technology offer protection for heavy-shock and heavy-vibration conditions. Operation in temperature ranges from -40 °C to over +120 °C is possible. The sensors can be located in-cylinder or mounted externally. The signal outputs include CAN, analog, and digital outputs in single-channel or redundant configurations. Models are available with ATEX (atmosphere explosible), IECEX, and SIL 2 (safety integrity level) approvals. CPI also provides thermal switches for temperatures up to 955 °C e.g. for engine exhaust monitoring. The producer’s waterproof switches are provided in the range from IP68-protected to long-term submersible and withstanding temperatures up to 205 °C. All products can be adapted to customer-designed applications. With this acquisition, the Variohm Group includes eight engineering companies and a total staff of more than 400 specialists in sensors, switches, and motion control systems.

Dynamic and static analysis for CAN-networked solutions

PC-lint Plus solution helps to identify software defects and vulnerabilities as well as to find potential bugs (Source: Adobe Stock)

Vector Informatik (Germany), a specialist for development and test of automotive electronics and software-based systems, has acquired the USA-based Gimpel Software. Vector offers testing solutions for embedded and distributed systems ranging from low-level unit testing through system testing. The recent acquisition extends the testing portfolio by adding the PC-lint Plus static analysis solution for C and C++. It is used by companies around the world to comply with the coding guidelines of standards such as Misra, Autosar, and Cert C. The solution helps to identify software defects and vulnerabilities, to find potential bugs, and to improve software developer productivity. The acquisition also allows Vector to continue its expansion into industries beyond the automotive market. Thus, the global provider can offer a complete and integrated verification and validation solution for embedded systems in automotive, avionics, IoT (Internet of Things), and other industries with safety and validation requirements. Existing and future PC-lint Plus users benefit from Vector’s global market presence as well as from a tool chain.


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