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Promoting CAN XL and its ecosystem

CAN in Automation (CiA) has established the Marketing Group (MG) CAN XL. It organizes joint marketing activities in order to promote the CAN XL protocol as well as related specifications and recommendations.

The MG CAN XL plans a third plugfest in the United States of America (Source: CiA)

Recently, the MG CAN XL was inaugurated. It is chaired by Christian Schlegel, who is also the CiA Business Director. The MG is going to promote the CAN XL data link layer and the CAN XL ecosystem including the scalable physical layer options (CAN SIC transceiver and CAN SIC XL transceiver). For this purposes, joint marketing activities will be planned and organized. Joint marketing activities include CAN XL plugfests, CAN XL demonstrators, CAN XL training and information events, CAN XL related publications (hardcopy and online) in CiA as well as third-party media, and CAN XL promotion videos. One of the first joint activities is the organization of a CAN XL plugfest in Detroit area in April 2023. In the same week, there is planned a CAN XL technology day informing about the CAN XL ecosystem.

The MG also plans other joint activities, this includes flyers and brochures as well as posts on social media and to improve the CAN XL content on the CiA website. Submitting technical information to publishing houses is another task for 2023.

CAN XL, the third generation of the CAN protocol family, features data frames with space for up to 2048-byte user data. Using the CAN SIC XL transceivers with PWM (pulse-width modulation) coding enable data phase bit rates up to 10 Mbit/s and more depending on the network design. CiA also provides design recommendations and definitions for the SDT (service data unit type) values. The 8-bit SDT field indicates the content of the acceptance field and the data field. It is similar to the Ethertype field.

CiA and Autosar are going to establish a partnership. The objective is information exchange and mutual consulting regarding CAN-related specifications. The first result is the access for Autosar members to the CiA 611-1 document defining the SDT values referenced in an Autosar specification.


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