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Education, certification, and others

Published 2011-01-01

The “engineering” section collects all non-product topics such as any kind of services, and provides information about standardization as well as user experiences by means of application reports. It also covers academic topics and research results as well as marketing intelligence information.
Engineering services starts with education. There are offered product-related trainings as well as product-independent, technology-oriented classes. Many companies outsource hardware and software development of CAN device or CAN systems, in order to focus on their core businesses.
Testing is also increasingly outsourced. Special test-houses offer device- and system-level testing services. Besides self-certification, it is possible to proof chip and device conformance to dedicated standards and specifications by means of institutes and organizations. For example, CiA offers a CANopen device certification service.
Application experience may shorten learning curves. We all can learn from each other. The exchange of knowledge and experiences may broad our view, in order to transfer ideas even from completely other application fields. Application stories and marketing intelligence information may be also important for decision makers to go with CAN technologies.