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CAN, CAN FD and J1939 training program

Warwick Control’s (UK) training program has been consolidated to include all levels of automotive/transport engineers and technicians. Their next seminar still has spaces available.

THIS TRAINING IS AN ALL-ENCOMPASSING in-vehicle networks technical training with emphasis on CAN. There will be theory sessions intermingled with hands on training session. CAN will be covered along with signals interpretation and J1939. Also covered will be CAN On Board Diagnostics. Rounding off the day will be coverage of Local Interconnect Network (LIN) with a lab demo. Additionally, niche protocols will be briefly covered – CAN FD, Flexray, and Most.

The labs will include the use of CAN and J1939 ECUs, and the use of an actual car to cover real life troubleshooting situations. There will also be demos on actual LIN ECUs. The lab sessions will utilize CAN Network Analysis Tools, CAN Diagnostic Scan Tools and PicoScope. This course has a CAN Tool option, where for an additional amount the attendee can go home with a CAN network analysis tool for the PC.

The next training date is August 21st and there are still spaces available. The seminar will take place at the Warwick Control offices in Warwickshire.

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