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CiA seminars in China

CAN in Automation (CiA) had organized with partners CAN technology update and CANopen seminars. They took place in May in several cities in China.

CiA IS COMMITTED TO PROVIDE FIRST-HAND INFORMATION to Chinese engineers. Therefore CiA had scheduled two CAN technology update seminars in cooperation with ZLG. The participants were updated regarding partial networking (ISO 11898-6) and CAN FD as well as new CANopen specifications. The seminars took place in Beijing and Xi-an. ZLG provides CAN interface products and CAN tools. The interface products support CANopen and DeviceNet.
Jointly with Hongke, the Chinese distributor of the CiA members Peak and Sys Tec, CiA had organized a CANopen seminar in Beijing. The event had addressed in particular system designers and device manufacturers. Hongke distributes also CAN products by Intrepid.
“CiA will continue to organize joint seminars with members active in China,” said Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director. “The next seminar series will take place in autumn.” CiA will exhibit also on the Industrial Automation Show 2013 in Shanghai (November, 5th to 9th). In addition, CiA will re-establish its Chinese Marketing Group. This group will coordinate and schedule CiA’s marketing activities in China.

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