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Regarding CANopen software

The two CAN in Automation members Renesas Electronics Europe (Germany) and Vector Informatik (Germany) have announced that they will cooperate to provide CANopen software for the R-IN series of Industrial Ethernet Controllers.

RENESAS ELECTRONICS EUROPE, A PREMIER PROVIDER of semiconductor solutions, has teamed up with its alliance partner Vector Informatik to offer software support for the multi-protocol industrial Ethernet solutions by Renesas. Vector has implemented its CANopen stack on Renesas’ industrial network (R-IN) devices, providing customers access to CANopen technology. Vector’s CAN and CANopen code corresponds to the most recent version of the CANopen CiA 301 communication profile. It enables a secure and CANopen-compliant implementation of the project.

The R-IN32M3 multi-protocol industrial Ethernet solutions come in a hardware-accelerator design. They reduce the overall power consumption by 50 %. Ethercat and CC-Link IE real-time protocols are implemented in the hardware, offering implementation while limiting the impact on the overall power dissipation. Software based protocols like Ethernet/IP, Profinet RT, and Modbus TCP run on the ARM Cortex M3 processor with 1,3 MiB embedded RAM attached. The devices include Ethernet PHYs, various serial network interfaces and multiple peripheral modules.

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