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CANopen - das standardisierte, eingebette Netzwerk


The 2nd edition of the CANopen book (ISBN 978-3-8007-2845-9) written by several authors and published by the VDE publishing house has been completely revised and enhanced by additional profile descriptions. The 258-pages book comes with CD-ROM containing the public available CANopen specifications released by 2008.
CANopen is the internationally standardized (EN 50325-4) CAN-based higher-layer protocol for embedded control system. The set of CANopen specification comprises the application layer and communication profile as well as application, device, and interface profiles. CANopen provides very flexible configuration capabilities. These specifications are developed and maintained by CiA members.
CANopen networks are used in a very broad range of application fields such as machine control, medical devices, off-road and rail vehicles, maritime electronics, building automation as well as power generation.
This book describes the communication basics and gives a detailed overview about the communication services. Beginning with the physical transmission and data link layer of CAN, the book presents the principles of the CANopen application layer. Further the CANopen device and application profiles available at that time are presented and explained. The book should help the reader to understand the CANopen profiles.

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