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Maxima has acquired Crosscontrol and Turotest

Maxima Technologies (USA) has acquired Crosscontrol (Sweden), and Turotest (Brazil), which have merged to one global business under the brand Maximatecc. They are all suppliers of products and solutions for the industrial and off-road vehicle markets. Maximatecc is going to provide solutions that put humans in control of vehicles in critical environments.

CROSSCONTROL, CIA MEMBER SINCE 2002, is a supplier of control system solutions for industrial vehicles in such industries as, cargo, construction equipment, forestry, mining and railway. They were founded in 1991 as a specialist consultant company with at that time seven employees and one customer. Today, the company supplies electronics and provides engineering services to a worldwide customer base. In 2012, Crosscontrol, provider of control and display solutions, and Turotest, supplier of instrumentation products, got acquired by Maxima Technologies.

The three companies have complementary capabilities, meaning that the merged company that now has found its form will be able to offer a spectrum of vehicle control solutions. With this portfolio the company claims to support industrial vehicle OEM in technology evolution on vehicle platforms. The international footprint enables the company to offer global OEMs the option of local manufacturing, logistics support, and services.

“Based on the legacy of three great companies we are building a brand that positions the company in the market and resonates with our strategic direction and ambitions” commented President John Buck and continued: “I strongly feel that we are building a company that can be a full-fledged partner to OEMs globally, offering a solution continuum that helps OEMs meet the needs of different markets with varying maturity and characteristics”.

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