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Energybus seminar

Emtas (Germany) has scheduled a seminar introducing the CiA 454 CANopen application profile for battery management systems. This approach is developed in cooperation with the nonprofit Energybus association. The seminar is held in German language.

THE APPLICATION PROFILE WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED for battery-powered bicycles and other so-called light electrical vehicles (LEV). The organizer of the seminar offers information on the Energybus technology, the aims of Energybus and the technical features and functioning of the protocol that is based on CANopen. The one-day seminar will take place in April (11th) in Merseburg (Germany). Particular attention is paid to the requirements for implementing CiA 454 into components of pedelecs or e-bikes. The seminar is suitable both for development engineers and decision makers. Basic knowledge of CANopen is recommended and can be acquired the day before in a CANopen seminar (April, 10th).

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