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SPS/IPC/Drives Italia 2012 in Parma

The second SPS/IPC/Drives Italia with about 300 exhibitors was well visited. The exhibitors were also satisfied by the quality of the visitors. Many companies presented their CANopen products. Especially servo drives implementing the CiA 402 motion control profile were shown. Besides suppliers mainly headquartered in Germany, there are also some Italian manufacturers of CANopen products.

No parking problems, enter just the exhibitions. Take a guide and start your
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If you was lost in the one-hall exhibition, nice-looking Italian ladies were helping you finding your way.

THE EARTHQUAKE IN THE REGGIO EMILIA REGION just happening the weekend before the fair opened its doors has not influenced the event – with the exception that some deliveries were delayed. In the first day, the exhibition started very slow. The second day was better, and surprisingly the last day was also quite well visited.
All the important players in industrial automation were present. CANopen is in particular in smaller servo drives the dominating network, but also in other motion control application fields it is well established. Pro-Face, a Japanese manufacturer belonging to the Schneider group, presented for example its programmable LT3000 touch-screen family with CANopen NMT master functionality. For this combined PLC and HMI devices are software drivers for different servos available (e.g. from Bosch-Rexroth, Control Techniques, Lenze, and Schneider-Electric). Other companies like CMZ (Italia) were focused to present CANopen solutions for machine builders. The company manufacturing CANopen connectable drives, HMIs, and host-controllers has integrated the CANopen I/O modules from Wago (Germany). The promoted solutions include packaging, bottle labeling, and dosing applications. In this kind of machines, CANopen is the mostly used network. “We sell 85 % of our devices with CANopen interfaces,” stated Maurizio Salami from CMZ. “In particular, machine builders in Turkey, Russia, and Asian countries are looking for a sample to adapt communication technology.”
Some drive manufacturers like HDT requested to improve interoperability between CANopen motion and host-controllers. CiA also received several requests to provide CANopen trainings in Italian language. Additionally, Italian CiA members would appreciate the establishment of CANopen competence centers in some universities or institutes providing product-independent services and information. That is, why CiA is organizing a first meeting in Brescia (June 11th). This free-of-charge event is open for members and non-members. It will strengthen the Italian CANopen community and is starting point for joint marketing activities including establishing a first CANopen competence center in Italy.
The following information about CANopen products presented in Parma is just a selection, which doesn’t claim any completeness. The focus is mainly on products manufactured in Italy. By the way, Italy is the second largest CiA community behind Germany.

FCT241 CANopen PLC by CMZ
CMZ (Italy) demonstrated its FCT series of in IEC 61131-3 programmable controllers with CANopen NMT master functionality. They may control up to 40 axes. The company has developed a wide range of libraries for typical axes movements such as electronic cams, interpolation, and flying shear. In addition, there is software library for packaging machine available. It includes dedicated routines for feeding (control signals of the line, pile up belt, or phasing belt), loading (chain with fingers), forming of the package (welding wheels for pulling of the film or unwinding), sealing and cutting of the package as well as discharging (output belt and control signals with the rest of the line).

Deimo (Italy) since 2007 part of the Stäubli group showcased in Parma its digital drives featuring CiA 402 compatibility. The Deimotion product line covers the nominal current range from 1 A to 100 A. All CANopen devices support profile position, velocity, and interpolated position mode as well as homing mode. The company provides the Dview3 graphical configuration tool for its CANopen drives.

Elap (Italy) exhibited its CANopen absolute rotary encoder. The multi-turn sensor with 29-bit resolution comes in an IP65-rated housing. The magnetic encoders compliant to the CiA 406 profile are available in different versions: with square flanged or round flanged with servo coupling, and with hollow-shaft to couple directly to a motor shaft. All the types offer different options for the shaft/hole diameter.

IT112 display by Esa Elettronica
Esa Elettronica (Italy) has shown its range of touch-screen panels, which are available optionally with CAN connectivity. The IT112 terminal with a stainless steel front panel has been designed especially to guarantee operation and maximum durability of the product in extreme and difficult work environments, such as applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company supports CANopen as well as Devicenet as higher-layer protocols.

Fiama (Italy) has designed the Servo.D axis controller made for brushless motors with reducers. The devices come optionally with CANopen connectivity compliant to CiA 402. The IP54-rated unit has a hollow shaft output to enable a simple assembling, even with pre-existent manual motion machines that have to be automatized. Therefore it is suitable for a broad range of applications in machinery.

KSE (Italy) has launched the KSE-Touch panel designed for for packing and packaging machines and systems. The CANopen-connectable device is able to control up to 16 asynchronous axes. It comes with a 7-inch or 10,4-inch LCD display. Axes control on DIN rail expansions is available. The company provides also the KSE-5V compact HMI with built-in PLC dedicated for roll feeder and press control with electronic cams and coiling control. The company with specific experiences in sheet metal working and metal machines has realized the CANopen interface by means of modules from HMS (Sweden).

C100 heavy-duty encoder by Lika
Lika (Italy) presented in Parma its absolute encoder products with CANopen interfaces. The 30-years old company supports the CiA 406 generic profile for encoders and the CiA 417 application profile for lift control systems. Recently the C100 heavy-duty encoder was introduced. It is suitable for wind power and steel mill applications.

Mect (Italy) displayed its TPAC005 human machine interface featuring CANopen connectivity. It is not just an operator panel since it is equipped with a PLC running in a Linux-based real-time operating system. Via the CANopen interface it communicates with the MPNC020 digital and the MPNC030 analog I/O modules. It can communicate also with any transducer that provides CANopen (e.g. measuring pressure, position, level or temperature). CANopen drives may be also controlled.

SP Electric (Italy) has introduced for its inverters an optional CANopen interface manufactured by HMS (Sweden). The Optidrive family is available in housing rated from IP20 to IP66. Some of them provide a “safe torque off” function compliant to SIL2 (IEC 61508). The Optidrive elevator is dedicated for lift control applications featuring CANopen connectivity.

System Electronics (Italy) presented its Dico-908 CANopen I/O family as well as its Dico-508 family of CAN modules using a proprietary protocol. For both families Ethernet gateways are available. The company also offers CAN repeaters and media converter (from copper cable to optical fiber). The I/O functions include generic digital as well as analog functions and dedicated functions such as relay or PWM outputs.

TDE Macno (Italy) has developed the OPD EXP servo drives featuring CANopen connectivity compliant to CiA 402. The products are suitable different kind of motors. They feature functions such as PID control, electrical gearing, multi-positioning, interpolated position mode, camming, spindle indexing, and electronic traversing. The DSP-based motion controllers are configurable by means of a dedicated software tool offered by the manufacturer.

DB1 servo-controller
by TEM

TEM (Italy) has equipped its Falcon digital drive series with an optional CiA 402 compliant CANopen interface. It is realized by means of an external add-on component from HMS (Sweden). The servo drives feature nominal rated currents from 3 A to 42 A at a three-phase 230-V power supply. Additionally, the company provides the DB1 driver family for asynchronous permanent magnet servo-motors also supporting the CiA 402 motion control profile.





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