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Embedded World and the Internet of Things

Embedded is a marketing name. Of course, real-time doesn't cover the same meaning. It is not as broad as embedded, nevertheless most embedded applications require real-time operation. But it was used for a decade. In the 80s everyone used real-time to make the products more attractive.

More than 26000 visitors from 35 countries came to the 12th Embedded World 2014, this is an increase of 18 %

Nowadays, everything is embedded. CAN, officially introduced as early as 1986, is now an embedded network technology. Also, CANopen is an embedded application layer, and so on. Open (source) is another hot topic. The success of Linux and other open-source projects including CANfestival, an open-source CANopen protocol stack, is not questionable. At the Embedded World we even saw a lot of open-source hardware: Anduino and Raspberry PI boards and others. The development documents are publically available. Unfortunately, most of the exhibited products with CAN on board do not provide access to the CAN port by means of a connector and transceiver.
By the way, the idea of free-of-charge services is also not that new. As early as the 70s, some publishers of technical magazines started subscriptions without fees.
They hoped to get more readers, in order to increase the price for advertisements, which should compensate the lost income from the subscriptions. The result: Investment in editors was decreased and the quality of magazines suffered. In physics, you call this entropy. On the other hand, established magazines lost against the newcomers.

More than 26000 visitors from 35 countries came to the 12th Embedded World 2014, this is an increase of 18 %

To summarize, talk is cheap and you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. Even the car will be a Thing in the Internet. But embedded or deeply embedded: there are more CAN nodes in the car than Ethernet ports. In this respect CAN is also a Thing in the Internet. Of course, everyone will provide partly open – meaning free-of-charge – products and services. But at the end of the day, we have to pay the bills, because everybody has to feed themselves and their family.
We are already visiting the next exhibition, the Conexpo in Las Vegas (Nevada). This event deals with construction and other mobile machinery. In those products many embedded control systems are used including embedded CAN networks. We will report soon in more detail.