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Isobus plugfest in Osnabrueck

The nonprofit AEF organization has scheduled the next Isobus plugfest. The interoperability test session will be held in cooperation with the Isobus test center on the campus of the university of applied science in Osnabrueck (Germany).

Fall plugfest 2012 in Wieselburg (Germany)
Spring plugfest 2013 in Lincoln

FROM SEPTEMBER 9th TO 13th, THE AEF (Agriculture Industry Electronics Foundation) organizes an Isobus plug fest. The Isobus, internationally standardized in the ISO 11783 series of standards, connects the tractors with the agriculture implements, such as sprayers and harvesting add-ons. On the tractor-side, the Isobus virtual terminal (ISO 11783-6) can be used to operate the implements. Last year, 64 terminals and task-controllers (ISO 11783-10) were tested during the Isobus plug-fest. More than 150 experts from more than 12 countries participated.

Plugfests take place every spring and fall, alternately in the USA and Europe. They provide the industry with the opportunity to test their own Isobus products in combination with those from other manufacturers. The spring 2013 plugfest in Lincoln (Nebraska) collected 50 companies from 15 US states and 11 countries. New was the special test for Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS). Besides these interoperability tests, there is also an Isobus conformance test available.

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