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Co-operation for CANopen and other projects

The German companies Kontron and Schleicher have agreed to work closely together. This includes the project business as well as the development of new markets.

Schleicher’s CANopen controllers and I/Os are used for example in numeric-control applications (Photo: Schleicher)

KONTRON'S NEW MANAGEMENT, Rolf Schirz, Dr. Steffan Gutthal, and Ulf Harring, is reorganizing the company and its business. The supplier of embedded control devices and interface boards employs some 2900 people worldwide. Schleicher is a 100-head company specialized in numeric-control applications and developes its own CANopen, Ethercat, and Sercos devices. The company located in Berlin (Germany) also produces relays and provides electronic engineering as well as manufacturing services.

The agreed cooperation continues the joint activities regarding the XCx1100/1200 control systems, which are already established on the market. Schleicher relies on CANopen. The provided control units have proven themselves with a range of CANopen drives and other CANopen devices. Through the open architecture of the control software, various devices can be connected to the PC-based controller. Owing to the cooperation with Kontron, several advantages arise for the customers – one being that a long-term and worldwide availability of the system is ensured.