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One license for CAN and CAN FD implementations

Bosch (Germany) has IP rights on the CAN and CAN FD protocols. The automotive supplier grants rights to implement CAN and CAN FD to so-called FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms) conditions.

FOR ANY IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CAN AND CAN FD PROTOCOLS a license needs to be acquired from the holder. Bosch grants a license for lump-sum payment of 2500 € for the first 10000 products implementing the IP (intellectual property) protected protocols. This includes also the rights to implement TTCAN and TTCAN FD, the time-triggered extensions as specified in ISO 11898-4.

For higher volumes (more than 10000) a royalty of 2 % (maximum of 0,102 €) of the net price will be charged until December 31, 2014. Thereafter, Bosch will reduce the royalty to 1 % (maximum of 0,051 €). This is a huge income assuming that per year about 800+ millions of CAN chips will be sold.

Including in the license is the delivery of VHDL reference models for CAN and CAN FD. Of course, documentation is provided as well. Additionally, the German company offers IP modules implementing the protocols compliant with ISO 11898-1.

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