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Starter kit

For testing motor settings

With its starter kit, Nanotec Electronic (Germany) is providing a solution for choosing and commissioning a fitting drive. Various motor settings can be tested, and different operating modes can be compared.

(Photo: Nanotec)

THE STARTER KIT CONSISTS OF AN L VERSION (Nema 23) PD4-N5918 plug-and-drive motor, a ZIB2 board, a cable set, a USB/EIA 485 converter, software and a detailed operating manual. The provided software automatically detects the motor type. A total of 14 operating modes are available to test for a fitting drive configuration, such as position, reference run, interpolated mode (for CAN network), voltage thresholds, speeds with min/max values, ramps, etc. A closed-loop assistant gives support in setting the operating mode and for comparing the closed-loop and open-loop modes. The company has focused on application-based support, such as for applications like belt drive, positioning, decentralized flow control, over run control, or multi-axis synchronization. Explanations of how such applications can be controlled are available.

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