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Version 4.2.1 supports CAN FD

The Autosar version 4.2.1 released end of last year provides additional functions such as CAN FD, decentralized configuration, and Ethernet switch configuration. Also secure on-board communication is supported.

Some Autosar version 4.2.1 compliant software and tools are already available (Photo: CAN Newsletter Online)

FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE CAN COMMUNITY, the support of CAN FD with payloads larger than 8 byte per frame is important. Another improvement is the introduction of a specification of time synchronization over CAN. The CAN FD function doesn’t allow distinguishing between Classical CAN frames and CAN FD frames with a length up to 8 byte. From an Autosar point of view you even can’t determine if data larger than 8 byte are segmented and transmitted via Classical CAN or send in single shot by means of CAN FD (up to 64 byte).

The Autosar tool platform (Artop) developed by the Artop User Group has been already updated. The release 4.4 supports CAN FD. It is still compatible with Eclipse Kepler Service version 2. Artop includes source code, which is free-of-charge to all Autosar members and partners.

Basic software and tools

Vector (Germany) has expanded its Autosar solution to the version 4.2.1. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers benefit from functional enhancements of the basic software and description files. The product range consists of the Microsar basic software and the Da Vinci configuration Pro and Da Vinci development tools. All of them supports CAN FD. Thus, you may transfer up to 64 byte of user data at higher data rate. Relevant extensions have been implemented in the modules of the communication stack such as ISO Transport Protocol (ISO 15765-2) and XCP-on-CAN. The secure onboard communication allows an authenticated communication between two ECUs. Due to the protection, no third party can interfere or pretend it is the correct counterpart.

Dspace (Germany) offers its Targetlink code generator with Autosar functionality. The product includes an Autosar runtime environment, which supports now CAN FD communication. Etas (Germany), a Bosch daughter company, also supports Autosar version 4.2.1 in its tools, which includes the RTA basic software and several tools (Inca, Labcar, Ehooks, etc.).

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