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ISO 11898-1:2015

Minor failure in CAN standard

In Figure 20 of the ISO 11898-1 standard, an editorial failure was found. It has no consequences for implementers and the scheduled CAN FD plugfests.

The second CRC delimiter (right) should read ACK delimiter

Just after publication, one of the first readers detected a typographical error in one of the drawings. In Figure 20 of the ISO 11898-1:2015 standard, the ACK delimiter is misspelled as CRC Delimiter. “This is a minor issue,” stated Holger Zeltwanger, convenor of ISO TC22 SC31 WG3, which is responsible for this standard. “It will have no impact on the scheduled CAN FD plugfests in USA and Germany.” The ISO 11898-1:2015 edition contains the CAN FD data link layer, called ISO CAN FD protocol, in addition to the Classical CAN protocol. The standard is available from ISO and national standardization bodies. In Germany it can be purchased from Beuth.

CiA’s Interest Group CAN FD has scheduled two plugfests to proof the interoperability of ISO CAN FD implementations. They will take place in April (6 and 7) in Detroit respectively in June (2 and 3) in Nuremberg. On the first day the CAN FD data link layer is in the testing focus. This includes frame formats, some cornerstones (e.g. RX of messages with shifted FDF/res edge), and special concepts (e.g. shielding/filtering of CAN FD messages). The second day is reserved for CAN FD physical layer testing including OEM wiring harnesses, long bus lines, ringing suppression circuitry, etc.


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