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Digital annex for J1939

With approved parameters in 2016

The digital annex supplementing the SAE J1939 series allows sorting and searching parameters and other data. It has been released in February 2017.

(Photo: CiA/Fotolia)

The J1939DA digital annex is an electronic spreadsheet offering key data. This includes SPNs (parameters), PGNs (messages), manufacturers’ IDs, Name function, and Preferred Addresses. The electronic document is updated frequently and is part of the J1939 standards collection, but also can be purchased separately.

The February 2017 version contains all parameters and messages approved in 2016. Of course, it also specifies all SPNs and PGNs published in the J1939-71 document (before August 2013). The benefit of an electronic format is that the user can sort and search for dedicated parameters and messages.

It is expected that in the next J1939 meetings additional SPNs and PGNs will be specified. SPNs and PGNs, which are published in other documents (e.g. in ISO 11992-2 and ISO 11992-3), are listed in J1939DA with a reference to the standard that contains the complete technical details.


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