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The dawn of CAN

Officially introduced in 1986 on conference in Detroit, CAN is still the dominating network in passenger cars. And the success story continues with the introduction of CAN FD.

The 82526 evaluation board looked like a baking sheet (Photo: Bosch

Florian Hartwich from Bosch is in the CAN business from the early days. In his article he describes the historical milestones of Controller Area Network. He informs about the very first implementations and the development of TTCAN. His article ends with the CAN FD approach, which overcomes two Classical CAN limitations: Bandwidth and payload.

The author also discusses in his article the CAN networking topology in passenger cars and the impact to maximum data-rate. In CAN FD, such “E”- and “H”-shape topologies (in other words passive stars) will not be recommended for CAN FD networks running at higher data-rates.

If you want to read the full article with detailed information, you can download the PDF here or the full magazine.

Florian Hartwich (Bosch)
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