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SAE J1939-81

Network management updated

Beginning of March, SAE has released a new version of the J1939-81 specification. It defines the management of source address assignments.

The J1939-81 network management uses the J1939-21 application layer services (Photo: Embitel)

The SAE J1939-81 document specifies the processes and messages associated with managing the source addresses (SA) of applications communicating on an SAE J1939 network. Network management is concerned with the management of SAs and the association of those addresses with an actual function and with the detection and reporting of network related errors. Due to the nature of management of SAs, network management also specifies initialization processes, requirements for reaction to brief power outages, and minimum requirements for ECUs on the network. In the new version mainly the broken cross-reference links are repaired.

In order to safe money, SAE recommends to subscribe to the SAE J1939 Standards Collection getting one year of anytime access and automatic up dates to all documents, plus all cross-referenced and related documents.

Several companies offer J1939 protocol stack and related tools (Photo: ESD)

Several software providers offer J1939 protocol stacks supporting the network management services including the SA claiming. Emtas has recently shown its implementation on the iCC tabletop exhibition. Simma Software provides a protocol stack for TI’s micro-controller and DSPs. CAN interface products by ESD come optionally also with a J1939 software. Embitel is another J1939 protocol stack provider. And there are more software companies offering J1939 software such as HMS/Ixxat and Vector.


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