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Isobus conformance testing

Temporary modifications and increased fees

AEF, the Isobus association, has informed that some physical layer related tests have been modified. Additionally, the testing fees have been increased.

Isobus conformance test center (Photo: AEF)

Isobus is the trade name of CAN-based interfaces compliant with ISO 11783 series. This approach is used as an open network in agriculture and forestry machines. The AEF association reported on its website that some Isobus devices have failed the physical layer conformance test. This happened because some interface implementations used old and deprecated CAN transceiver chips. Fortunately, those chips do not seem to cause any problems in applications. “Since the migration to new hardware designs is a time consuming task, the AEF has complied a list of temporary modifications to the test guidelines,” stated the non-profit association. The test modifications are in effect until the end of this year. The maximum internal capacitance is 500 pF (2018: 200 pF) and the minimum differential internal resistance is 2 kΩ (2018: 10 kΩ). The CAN bus-lines are tested for ESD with 4 kV (2018: 15 kV). The minimum required time for the power interruption test is lowered to 2 ms (2018: 10 ms). The physical layer tests at the five Isobus test centers will cover both the current and the future parameters, so that customers have ample time to make changes to their products.

After three years of conformance testing fees, the prices are increased by 15 percent. “Although this might seem a lot, the changes are a necessary reaction to the many modifications in the conformance test process over the last years,” explained the association on its website. The increased prices come in effect from July 1, 2017.

Starting with version R2/2016 the AEF conformance test tool comes with an integrated license manager. This feature verifies the user’s license status with the AEF database. The license manager enables the user to obtain a license from the database or remove the license from the current PC.

The Isobus community also organizes regularly plugfests. In these events the participants test the interoperability of their Isobus products. The last plugfest was held in May in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA). More than 130 people attended this event. By end of September, some more web-based Isobus trainings will be available.


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