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Additional specifications

After the release of the CiA 1301 CANopen FD application layer, CiA members started to update the LSS and other specifications to be suitable for CAN FD.

CiA 305 and CiA 302 series are under review for CANopen FD adaptation (Photo: Fotolia)

The CiA 1301 application layer and communication profile was the first step to use the benefits of CAN FD for CANopen. The next steps include the updating of the CiA 305 (layer setting services) and the CiA 302 series (additional application layer functions). CiA members already started end of this year to review these documents. This will be continued beginning of next year. Additionally, CiA has started to specify a CANopen FD conformance test plan and to review the XML-based electronic data sheet specification.

In parallel, other CiA working groups and task forces continue to develop recommendations and guidelines for CAN FD device and network designs. This includes the topics ringing suppression, common-mode-choke, and cable. Nearly finished is the recommendation for CAN FD bit-timing settings (CiA 601-3). It will be released beginning of 2018.


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