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Body applications

Interface to telematics and in-vehicle gateways

DIN, the German standardization body, has started a project to specify the interface between vehicle body applications and telematics.

The tail lifter is a typical body application unit (Photo: Baer Cargolift)

There are several use cases for the connection of body application units such as tail lifters, truck-mounted cranes, cooling systems, etc. This includes also complete refuse collecting equipment. Such vehicle sub-systems communicate with the cloud to provide pre-maintenance, fleet management, and other services of big data processing. OEMs like Daimler and MAN provide already such services, but there is no standardized interface to collect the data from the body application.

Therefore, DIN has started to develop a standardized interface for body application units. In a first step, common and unit-specific parameters will be specified. This includes identification data, maintenance deadlines as well as number of lifts and other application-specific data. In a second step, these parameters will be mapped to J1939 and CANopen application layers. Of course, the standard will also cover the lower layer, in order to achieve interoperability. Another use case for this in-vehicle network is the download of software updates for the body applications from the cloud server. Optionally, a link to the in-vehicle networks is planned. This could be used to show some body application data on the in-vehicle display in the cabin.

The next meeting is planned in January in Berlin. A first work draft is available. Chairman of the DIN working group is Tobias Baer from Baer Cargolift. The 54 working group is part of the NA 052-00-31 national sub-committee.


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