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CiA 417 application profile

CANopen Lift plugfest

Mid of March, CiA members met to discuss the CiA 417 application profile and to test their CANopen Lift products on interoperability.

About 35 engineers from 20 companies participated in the CANopen Lift plugfest including the door unit manufacturers Meiller and Siemens (Photo: CiA)

CiA’s SIG (Special Interest Group) CANopen Lift discussed in its March meeting the next steps for the development of the CiA 417 application profile for elevator control systems. It was agreed to adapt the CANopen FD application layer in future versions of the profile. In particular, the 64-byte payload is of interest. Larger PDOs would simplify the application software. The full-meshed USDO service would allow substituting MPDOs. This would save CAN-IDs, which could be used for other purposes. In complex elevator control systems, users are running out of CAN-IDs.

In the March plugfest KEB as well as Danfoss, Variotech, and Ziehl-Abegg tested their car drive units on interoperability with elevator controllers (Photo: CiA)

Usually, CANopen Lift plugfests take place in spring and fall. At the March plugfest participated seven host controller suppliers (Böhnke & Partner, Klinkhammer/Intec, Kollmorgen, Kühn, Sprinte, Weber Lifttechnik, and Thor Engineering). These companies tested their products in a round-robin procedure with elevator devices (door, panel, car drive, and measuring units) from different manufacturers. These plugfests proof interoperability of controllers and units. Missing optional features are detected as well as misinterpretations of the CiA 417 specifications. Of course, the found issues lead to improvements of the specification. “The plugfests of the last years have increased the quality of the CANopen Lift documents,” said Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director. “Of course, also the interoperability of CiA 417 products is now on very high level.”


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