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ISO 11783 series

Isobus data link and physical layer updated

The CAN-based standard for agriculture vehicles connecting tractors to implements is periodically updated. The Isobus data link and physical layer are to be reviewed.

Isobus is trademark for ISO 11783 compliant interfaces (Photo: Reichhardt)

The ISO 11783 series is developed within the ISO Technical Committee 23. The responsible sub-committee is 19 and its working group 1 edits the documents. Currently, Part 2 (physical layer) and Part 3 (data link layer) are under systematic review. Part 3 is in reality specifying the J1939-based application layer – the CAN data link layer is already standardized in ISO 11898-1. There are no severe technical changes expected.

Japanese experts have developed the Cost Optimized Physical Layer (COPL), which was supported by Italian experts. It is in the current draft submitted for Committee Draft balloting. But there are some other experts, who are not in favor of this proposal, because it is not interoperable with the legacy general physical layer.

ISO started also to review the Isobus network management (ISO 11783-5). The review of Virtual Terminal standard (ISO 11783-6) has been finalized and the document is under publication. The update of the online parameter list is ongoing.

The nonprofit AEF association promoting Isobus has scheduled its bi-annually plug-fest in Lincoln (Nebraska) on May 15 to 17. The association has prepared a test matrix of equipment connections. The test matrix is a schedule of connections between each service-type product (e.g. terminals) and each client-type product (e.g. implement controllers) for a fixed amount of time.


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