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Digital annex updated

SAE International has released a new version of the J1939DA spreadsheet containing Parameter Group and Suspect Parameter definitions.

The J1939DA spreadsheet provides information that can be sorted and searched (Photo: CiA/Fotolia)

The SAE J1939 committee updates the digital annex periodically. The J1939DA supplements the document series specifying the CAN-based network for use in heavy-duty vehicles. It provides definitions for the physical, the transport, and the application layer. Additional specifications include network management and functional safety protocol, which is still under development.

The digital annex comprises mainly the Parameter Group (PG) definitions or references to documents, in which they are specified in detail. The references to ISO documents have been updated and corrected. PGs are identified uniquely by means of the PG number (PGN). The spreadsheet also contains the Suspect Parameter (SP) definitions including its number (SPN). It also provides information about assigned manufacturer names and global source addresses.

SAE has updated after six years the J1939 top-level document. It provides a general overview of the SAE J1939 network and describes the subordinate document structure. This document includes definitions of terms and abbreviations, which are used among the various SAE J1939 subordinate documents.


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