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CiA 447 update

For information signaler and switch keypad

The CANopen application profile for special-purpose car add-on devices has been updated. Part 1 and part 3 are released as versions 2.1.3.

CiA 447 gateways are available for Daimler, PSA/Opel, Vauxhall, and VW cars (Photo: CiA)

The updated documents provide some additional parameters for the information signaler (display free text) and the switch keypad (RGB LED brightness command and status). Additionally, some parameters have been enhanced.

The CiA 447 application profile for special-purpose cars specifies a CANopen network for body builders for taxis, police cars, ambulances, and vehicles for disabled drivers. OEMs and Tier1 suppliers as well as representatives of end-users have developed jointly this profile. It comprises four parts. Part 1 contains general definitions and part 2 defines the “virtual” devices. The “virtual” devices represent functional elements, which are implemented in CANopen devices. A CANopen device may support several “virtual” devices. Part 3 specifies the parameters in detail and part 4 maps them into pre-defined PDOs (Process Data Objects).


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