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CANopen Lift devices tested on interoperability

As usual, the CANopen Lift community has organized a plugfest to test devices on CiA 417 interoperability.

CANopen Lift controller and units in one box connected to car drive units from other companies (Photo: CiA)

Of course, you cannot test a real lift system in an office. Nevertheless, the supplier of CANopen Lift devices can connect host controllers to units from other vendors. In the spring plugfest 16 CiA member companies participated. They tested in multiple one-to-one sessions the connectivity between host controllers and car drive units as well as panels and other equipment. No severe problems were reported, just minor issues, which could be fixed in some cases during the plugfest.

CANopen Lift host controller tested on interoperability with drives and panels (Photo: CiA)

On the first day of the two-day plugfest, which took place in Nuremberg (Germany), there was held the meeting of the CiA Special Interest Group (SIG) CANopen Lift. Several proposals of new functions and extensions were discussed. This included power management of inverters and host controllers, instant messaging, and self-configuration of inverters depending on the connected car drive controller. The related Task Force condition monitoring reported about their discussions.

The Marketing Group (MG) CANopen Lift requested from CiA office to exhibit CiA 417-compliant products on its Interlift 2019 stand in Augsburg (Germany). Additionally, a brochure is planned providing some technical information and application examples.


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