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Protecting the planet

World Standards Day 2020

Protecting the planet with standards is the slogan of the World Standards Day 2020 which takes place on October 14. CAN in Automation (CiA) is committed to support international standardization.

(Source: ISO, IEC, ITU)

Each year on October 14, the members of IEC, ISO, and ITU celebrate the World Standards Day. This day, is a means of paying tribute to the collaborative efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards, explained the organizations.

CiA staff is participating in several ISO and IEC working groups. The number of experts contributing to international standards related to CAN technology is sometimes decreasing though, according to CiA. The company represents its members in national and international standardization bodies. But they need guidance to represent the ideas of the CAN community. CiA Interest Groups (IG) discuss the demands and CiA staff participate in the appropriate working groups. In return, CiA staff informs the IG attendees on the status of CAN-related standards and specifications. The IG lower layers discusses the observing of the ISO 11898 series and other CAN-related automotive standards.

Earth, a finite vessel of life in the vastness of our solar system

The presidents of IEC (Yinbiao Shu), ISO (Eddy Njoroge), and the general secretary of ITU (Houlin Zhao) stated jointly: “Life on earth depends on energy coming from the sun. However, over the last century human and large-scale industrial activities of our modern civilization have added to earth’s natural greenhouse gases. They negatively impact our climate and with it all forms of life. At the same time rapid population growth and broad urbanization call for the responsible use of limited resources.

To reduce human impact on our planet, we need the political will, concrete action, and the right tools. International standards are one such tool. The international standards prepared by IEC, ISO, and ITU take into account tried and true solutions to technical challenges. They help share expertise and expert know-how broadly within developed and developing countries alike. Standards cover all aspects of energy savings, water, and air quality. They lay down standardized protocols and methods of measurement. Their broad use helps reduce the environmental impact of industrial production and processes, facilitates the reuse of limited resources and improves energy efficiency.”

“CiA will contribute its small part to protect the planet with standards,” said Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director. “Standards still need to be improved regarding quality and content.” CiA convenes the ISO working groups standardizing in-vehicle networks and network applications. CiA also edits documents and observes many standardization projects related to CAN technologies.


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