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CiA 406-J, CiA 410-J, CiA 510

Specifications updated

CiA (CAN in Automation) has released new versions of the CiA 406-J and CiA 410-J documents specifying the mapping of the encoder profile respectively the inclinometer profile to J1939 parameter groups.

Updated CiA documents with the new coversheet layout (Source: CiA)

The updated J1939 mapping specifications for the encoder and the inclinometer profile include also the virtual SDO access by means of J1939 parameter groups specified in CiA 510. This specification has been corrected, too. In the previous versions of the mentioned documents, J1939 attributes were erroneously swapped resulting in inconsistent parameter group numbers (PGN). The documents are in DSP (draft specification proposal) status and are available for CiA members only.

In the past, several companies have mapped the CiA profiles for encoders and inclinometers manufacturer-specific. This means such products are not exchangeable and required a software adaptation in the receiving electronic control units (ECU). “With the standardized mapping to J1939 interoperability is improved and a partial exchangeability is achievable,” explained Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director.

CiA is committed to split all of the profile specifications in an application layer independent part and parts specifying the mapping to classic CANopen, CANopen FD, and other higher-layer protocol approaches such as J1939. The CiA 510 document specifies the mapping of SDO services and the EMCY service to PGs. SAE has assigned the corresponding PGNs.


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