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DIN 4630-E

Pre-standard for truck body builder

The Beuth publishing house has released the standard proposal on parameters for body application units (BAU) for commercial vehicles. The pre-standard is written in English language.

Tail-lifts are a typical body application unit, which communicate with the in-vehicle networks and a telematics gateway (Source: Baer Cargolift)

The DIN German standardization body has developed the specification of interfaces for dedicated BAUs (e.g. lifting equipment), truck gateways, and telematics. The pre-standard is now ready for ballot and it is available for interested parties. It is suitable for body builders such as tail-lift suppliers, tipper manufacturers, and heating as well as cooling device manufacturers. The specification covers body applications on trucks and trailers. Besides the parameter specifications, it describes the mapping to J1939 networks (Annex A). The mapping to CANopen is not yet finished (Annex B).

The DIN 4630-E introduces virtual units, but does not specify devices. It is an implementation-independent standard specifying just the communication functions. There are also generic parameters related to ECUs (electronic control unit) in real body applications. This includes, for example, parameters for the ECU and the CPU (central processing unit) temperatures. The document also standardizes the interface to the in-vehicle network and to the telematics gateway, which can be used for BAU-specific fleet management purposes.

For the proposed mapping to J1939 parameter groups some parameter group numbers (PGNs) need to be requested from the SAE organization. This will be done after the ballot and the comments resolving. The DIN 4630 standard is intended to be referenced by other DIN groups, which standardizes truck body applications, for example for fire-fighting trucks and for refuse-collecting vehicles.


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