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Partner of the year

Hydraforce – more than a distributor

Epec (Finland) has nominated Hydraforce (USA) as its partner of the year for 2015. The company selling the Finnish control units also provides its own products and system design software.

ExDR proportional valve drivers (Photo: Hydraforce)

HYDRAFORCE HAS BEEN EPEC'S PARTNER since 2010 and is selling Epec products under their own brand name CoreTek. The company located close to Chicago has been established in 1985. It invested in application technical support tools including i-Design, free-of-charge hydraulic system design software, which integrates seamlessly with 3rd-party simulation software.

2415 control unit by Epec (Photo: Hydraforce)

Hydraforce has also developed their own single- and dual-output proportional drivers with CAN interfaces compliant with the SAE J1939 application profile. These products accept a variety of inputs and CAN messages to control a proportional valve to a user-defined metering profile. They feature compact on-valve mounting with integrated Deutsch DT-Series connectors for an IP-rating of 69K, and are CE qualified. Built-in diagnostics detect fault conditions in the input or output signals and automatically deactivate the output until the condition is corrected. LED indicators communicate output state or error conditions.

Conveyor attachment to SM80 broom machine (Photo: Hydraforce)

Street sweeping machine

Hydraforce has developed together with Superior Broom and Fluidtech a CAN-based control system for a conveyor attachment to the SM80 broom. A single broom with a conveyor attachment can sweep material up from the road, and convey it to a dump truck in a single pass. Normally this process would use two brooms, a loader and a truck making multiple passes along the road. Using the CAN-based control system, it is possible to control the conveyor functions from the cab of the broom. The control system comprises cartridge valves by Hydraforce and a 2415 control unit by Epec. The system monitors by means of a feedback loop from the conveyors functions. Engine diagnostics, pump pressure, auger and belt operation, conveyor height and rotation and other performance parameters are all shown on a full color display screen.

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