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Automotive Ethernet for mobile machines

There is a need to combine CAN networks with higher performing network technologies. Ethernet is the favorite candidate.

Ethernet switch with CAN channels (Photo: TTControl)

Janosch Fauster from TTControl discusses in his article the different Ethernet-based variants as options to accompany the CAN networks in mobile machines. His favorite solution is an Ethernet based on a 100Base-T1 physical layer and TSN (time-sensitive network) extension on the data link layer. On the application layer he sees several options.

Therefore the author thinks that a 100Base-TX/TSN-Ethernet switch should provide also multiple CAN channels. Such a device could be used as central point in the machine. It should provide a firewall at those channels having connection to the “outside” world, for example for diagnostics, fleet management, etc.

If you want to read the full article with detailed information, you can download the PDF here or the full magazine.

Janosch Fauster (TTControl)

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