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Edge IoT service platforms

Weather information to ECUs and vice versa

Ronn Motor Group and Fathym are joining forces to feed the CAN-based IVNs with weather forecast and provide sensor data from the fleet to the cloud.

The fuel cell powered vehicles by Ronn Motor Group are connected to the Wheathercloud by Fathym (Photo: Fathym)

The Ronn Motor Group develops vehicles powered by fuel cells. Recently, the company announced a partnership with Fathym, an IoT (Internet of Things) service provider. The companies will co-develop an “Edge” IoT service platform that provides weather forecast information to CAN-connected ECUs (electronic control unit) within the vehicle. In return, the ECU feeds back sensor data to the cloud from the entire fleet to improve the big data algorithms in forecasting the road conditions.

The Weathercloud service delivers real-time observations and predictive pavement information to the vehicles. This data is ingested and managed by the onboard ECU to dynamically setup up the car for observed and predicted pavement traction. In return, the vehicle sends via CAN and the IoT gateway locally captured data to the cloud software. This additional real-time data further enhances the Weathercloud road forecast model and the machine learning behind it.

“Mainstream road forecasts are typically based on precipitation models, but the actual conditions of the road can vary drastically by location, down to a half kilometer resolution. Snowy precipitation conditions do not always equate to snow-packed roads, for example. Fathym’s Weathercloud forecasting model uses pavement modeling and sensor data to deliver hyper-local road weather forecasts. This technology aligns perfectly with the Ronn Motor Group strategy to dynamically setup the vehicle based on pavement friction. Weathercloud provides drivers and fleet managers increased visibility that to date has been lacking,” said Fathym CEO, Matthew Smith.

The companies also collaborate to improve manufacturing efficiencies. As Ronn Motor Group focuses on reducing manufacturing and development costs by up to 50 percent, Fathym’s data collection, management and analytics capabilities will play an integral role as a means to diagnose inefficiencies and gaps in quality control. “Fathym’s Weathercloud solution brings a unique suite of technologies and cloud services to RONN Motor Group that will accelerate our cloud service ecosystem and applications, and integrate specialized technology to dynamically setup our vehicle platform to significantly improve driver performance and safety in adverse weather conditions,” said Ronn Ford.


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