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Configuring SRDOs

Emtas (Germany) offers for its Device-Explorer configuration tool a plug-in, which allows configuring SRDOs (safety-related data objects).

The SRDO plug-in enables the configuration of CANopen Safety devices (Photo: Emtas)

SRDOs are the PDOs in a CANopen Safety network compliant to EN 50325-5. Those safety networks are increasingly used in construction machinery and other vehicle applications. The CANopen Safety standard is TÜV approved. Several manufactures provide protocol stacks. Emtas has extended its CANopen configuration tool to support the configuration of SRDOs.

The related plug-in simplifies the configuration of SRDO producers and SRDO consumers in a CANopen Safety network. The SRDO settings and the SRDO mapping of specific devices can be configured in a straightforward way. The ‘Configuration Valid’ flag of the CANopen Safety device can also be set directly from the SRDO mask and the device can be started by NMT commands. Especially for device developers it is useful to see the current SRDO with its received data in the mask as well. Additionally, the tool interprets the SRDOs and shows the mapped objects as clear text.


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