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CES 2019

Protecting connected and automated vehicles

Argus, Elektrobit, and NXP present jointly a security solution to protect fleets against cyber attacks at booth 6106 in the North Hall.

Argus, Elektrobit, and NXP show a hardware/software solution to secure CAN networks (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Elektrobit (EB) and its subsidiary, Argus Cyber Security have announced that they are collaborating with NXP. They bring the industry's first complete software-hardware solution to market that delivers protection against even the sophisticated cyber attacks. With vehicle safety as the highest priority, it is critical that OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) have the ability to provide passengers with optimal defense against cyber threats. According to the suppliers, the combined solution enables carmakers to comply with upcoming regulations and current guidelines that require equipping vehicle systems with the ability to detect and respond to cyber-security incidents.

This first-of-its-kind solution consists of:

  • NXP's Secure CAN Transceiver, which detects and prevents malicious activity at the data link layer level;
  • Argus' Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS), which detects potentially malicious activity through data and timing heuristics, and then reports this activity to a security backend to enable an appropriate response;
  • EB cadian Sync software, which enables continuous over-the-air (OTA) updates in the vehicle, including critical updates to ECUs as necessitated by the NXP Secure CAN Transceiver and Argus IDPS findings.

"Connected functions in today's cars require the security solutions of the highest standards", said Martin Schleicher, executive vice president at EB. "This joint solution helps car makers and their suppliers to bring to market secure cars, compliant with upcoming regulations and current guidelines for automated cars."

"Argus has conducted dozens of research projects across fleets, vehicles, and vehicle components and has found that all of them are vulnerable to cyber attacks," said Yoni Heilbronn, chief marketing officer at Argus Cyber Security. "This comprehensive approach to security with Elektrobit and NXP is vital for car makers to keep even the most sophisticated threats outside of the vehicle."

"NXP's secure CAN Transceiver is a perfect hardware complement to EB's and Argus' software solution, one that aims to deliver a truly holistic security solution for increasingly connected cars," said Timo Roermund, NXP’s head of automotive security.


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