With four independent CAN interfaces for system design

[24.05.2018] The DSEM643 from DSE (Deep Sea PLC) is a controller that can be used on mobile applications across many varied industries including construction, municipal, agricultural, transport, and military.

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Single-board computer

With two CAN interfaces

[24.05.2018] With the MBa6ULxL, TQ has introduced another single-board computer SBC) based on the NUC form factor. Two CAN interfaces are available.

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Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning

Controlling HVAC via CANopen and J1939

[24.05.2018] Kalori’s (Germany) air-conditioning (AC) equipment can be controlled by a CAN-based communication system. The Kanbox supports CANopen and J1939.

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Open-source modules connect CAN to USB

[22.05.2018] There are open-source dongles available to connect CAN networks to USB. Such hardware is even suitable for industrial applications.

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Fiber-optical inputs

CAN measurement module

[2018-05-17] The Cansas-FBG-8T by IMC is a fiber-optic measurement module. It applies specially developed fiber Bragg grating sensors (FBG) at eight optical inputs to measure tem...

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Laumas Elettronica

Weighing system

Digitizer for load cells features CANopen

[2018-05-16] Laumas (Italy) has introduced the LCBCANopen digitizer. It transforms an analog load cell (output mV/V) into digital and can also be used on existing load cells or strain gauge sensors.

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USB dongle

Running CAN tools on PCs

[2018-05-15] The USBCAN-II Pro by GCAN connects PCs to CAN networks. The product comes with Ecan Windows software tools.

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PCIe Mini board

With one or two galvanic-isolated CAN channels

[2018-05-15] Laike located in Nanjing (China) has developed the LCminiPCIe-431/432 product. It provides up to two CAN ports running up to 1 Mbit/s.

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Measurement system

Up to 128 channels can be acquired

[2018-05-15] IMC introduced the latest generation of its Spartan multi-channel measurement system. Equipped with a new base unit, the system now support the entire IMC portfolio of field and vehicle bus interfaces including CAN FD.

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Safety control unit

With CANopen Safety

[2018-05-15] The SC52 safety control unit from Epec is now officially released. It is a controller for safety-related systems in mobile machinery. It features two CAN interfaces supporting CANopen Safety.

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CAN FD transceivers

Compliant to ISO 11898-2:2016

[2018-05-15] Microchip offers a series of transceiver chips, which are qualified for 5 Mbit/s respectively 2 Mbit/s. Some products support stand-by functionality.

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CAN FD interface card

Allows the connection to Classical CAN and CAN FD

[2018-05-09] At Peak-System, the PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD is now available as single, dual, and four-channel version. Up to four cards can be stacked for access to Classical CAN and CAN FD networks.

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Industrial-grade PC

LTE-ready ARM Linux IIoT gateways with CAN

[2018-05-09] Moxa introduced their UC-2100, UC-3100, and UC-5100 series. These industrial-grade computers are integrated ARM-based Linux platforms that include Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL) and optional Thingspro Gateway data-acquisition software.

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Embedded PC

In-vehicle prototyping with Classical CAN and CAN FD

[2018-05-09] Dspace launches a new variant of its Micro Auto Box embedded PC. It provides a quad-core, sixth generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GiB RAM, and 128 GiB flash memory.

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CAN control unit

For high-flow proportional valves

[2018-05-09] Danfoss Power Solutions has added two high-flow proportional valves to its PVG portfolio, expanding its range of low to high-flow capabilities for OEM customers with demanding applications. A CAN control unit is part of the valves.

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Goepel Electronic

Communication controller

For up to 18 independent interfaces

[2018-05-08] Goepel Electronic launches the Series 62 communication controllers. The architecture offers restbus simulation and flash programming for up to 18 independent bus interfaces for Classical CAN, CAN FD, ...

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Maxon Motor

Positioning controller

With CANopen interface

[2018-05-08] Maxon Motor (Switzerland) has developed the Epos4 70/15 positioning controller, the most powerful model of this series. It provides a maximum output of 2,1 kW.

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Frenzel + Berg

CANopen I/O module

With four analog inputs

[2018-05-03] The Hipecs-CIO57 from Frenzel + Berg is a CANopen module with four current inputs for 0-mA-to-20-mA or 4-mA-to-20-mA signals. It is designed for extensions of PLC controller systems or similar applications.

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CAN transceivers

Zero defects in four years

[2018-05-02] Infineon received a quality award from Toyota’s Hirose Plant. This is the tenth time that German chipmaker was awarded by the Japanese carmaker.

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Hannover Messe 2018

Perimetric sealed CANopen valve island

[2018-04-30] Camozzi (Italy) has developed the Series HC of pneumatic valves, which isolates external environment from the internal part of the cabinet. Thisenables a protection level against solid and liquid particles that, upon entering, may damage the componen...

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Motion controller

Driving up to three DC motors

[2018-04-30] Roboteq offers the FDC3260 motion controller, which supports the CiA 402 profile. It is able to control up to three motors.

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Metal Work

Hannover Messe 2018

Electric-pneumatic device for CANopen

[2018-04-30] The EB 80 by Metal Work (Italy) combines solenoid valves of all types, multi-position bases, pneumatic and electric supplies, digital or analog I/O signals.

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Hannover Messe 2018

Frequency inverter with CANopen interface

[2018-04-30] At Hannover Messe 2018, Teco (Taiwan) presented its A510s series of drives. Optionally, the products provide a CANopen interface.

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Hannover Messe 2018

Expanding CANopen inverter series

[2018-04-27] At the Hannover Messe 2018, SEW-Eurodrive introduced two new sizes for the Movitrac LTE-B+ frequency inverter series and in doing so is increasing the maximum output power to 37 kW. It provides a CANopen interface.

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Electronic lock system

Software update secures hotel doors

[2018-04-26] Researchers from F-Secure (Finland) have hacked electronic lock systems. Market-leading lockmaker Assa Abloy issued software updates to fix the security flaw of the key cards.

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Hannover Messe 2018

Receiver supports CANopen Safety

[2018-04-26] At the Hannover Messe 2018, Abitron presented its remote controllers comprising a transmitter and a receiver unit. The product is under certification by TÜV Austria.

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Draw-wire sensor

IP69K-rated device complies with CiA 406

[2018-04-23] Waycon has developed the MH60 draw-wire sensor. It features CANopen connectivity.

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Motion controller

100-A peak and 60-A continuous output

[2018-04-23] Advanced Motion Controls (AMC) offers the 100B080 power-level module for its CANopen motion controllers. It targets AGVs (automatic guided vehicle) and mobile robotics.

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Inventus Power

Battery charger

With CAN for diagnostic purposes

[2018-04-20] Inventus Power supplies designs for internal, external, single- and multi-bay chargers and docking stations. They come optionally with a CAN interface.

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Fuel injection system

Modules are CAN connected

[2018-04-20] The ECU030 is a fuel injection system for 2- and 4-stroke engines. It can be used not only for petrol blends but also for HF applications.

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Drive with PLC

Suitable for motors from 180 W to 4 kW

[2018-04-18] The CFW300 variable speed drive from WEG with an integrated PLC provides optionally CANopen or Devicenet interface. The product is intended for small machines.

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