Eberspaecher Vecture

Battery management

Communication via Classical CAN

[30.05.2018] Eberspaecher Vecture (Canada) presented its latest solutions for battery management systems (BMS). This includes battery modules and their controllers from the scalable µC BMS family.

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Brushless DC servo motor

With integrated controller

[29.05.2018] For use in harsh environmental conditions, Nanotec (Germany) developed the PD2-C-IP. It is a brushless DC servo motor with integrated controller and 42 mm flange size in protection class IP65.v

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Embedded computing platform

Piano-playing robot

[29.05.2018] Congatec has introduced a virtualized embedded computing platform for PLC (programmable logic controller) and UI (user interface) hardware consolidation. It features a Classical CAN interface.

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Stepper motor drivers

Enabling rapid application development with CAN and CANopen

[28.05.2018] Trinamic Motion Control, supplier of semiconductors, electronics, and mechatronic solutions in the fields of motor and motion control, announced the extension of the motor mountable modules by the TMCM-1240.

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Power charger unit

With CANopen option

[27.06.2018] The Power Chargers generators from Eltex cover a variety of power levels and charging applications. CANopen is available.

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Integrated motors

With CANopen support

[25.06.2018] Applied Motion Products introduced three models of Stepservo integrated motors. They provide motion control for high throughput applications such as packaging and labeling, automated test and measurement, and automated assembly.

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Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning

Controlling HVAC via CANopen and J1939

[24.05.2018] Kalori’s (Germany) air-conditioning (AC) equipment can be controlled by a CAN-based communication system. The Kanbox supports CANopen and J1939.

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CAN control unit

For high-flow proportional valves

[2018-05-09] Danfoss Power Solutions has added two high-flow proportional valves to its PVG portfolio, expanding its range of low to high-flow capabilities for OEM customers with demanding applications. A CAN control unit is part of the valves.

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Maxon Motor

Positioning controller

With CANopen interface

[2018-05-08] Maxon Motor (Switzerland) has developed the Epos4 70/15 positioning controller, the most powerful model of this series. It provides a maximum output of 2,1 kW.

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Motion controller

Driving up to three DC motors

[2018-04-30] Roboteq offers the FDC3260 motion controller, which supports the CiA 402 profile. It is able to control up to three motors.

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Hannover Messe 2018

Frequency inverter with CANopen interface

[2018-04-30] At Hannover Messe 2018, Teco (Taiwan) presented its A510s series of drives. Optionally, the products provide a CANopen interface.

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Hannover Messe 2018

Expanding CANopen inverter series

[2018-04-27] At the Hannover Messe 2018, SEW-Eurodrive introduced two new sizes for the Movitrac LTE-B+ frequency inverter series and in doing so is increasing the maximum output power to 37 kW. It provides a CANopen interface.

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Motion controller

100-A peak and 60-A continuous output

[2018-04-23] Advanced Motion Controls (AMC) offers the 100B080 power-level module for its CANopen motion controllers. It targets AGVs (automatic guided vehicle) and mobile robotics.

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Inventus Power

Battery charger

With CAN for diagnostic purposes

[2018-04-20] Inventus Power supplies designs for internal, external, single- and multi-bay chargers and docking stations. They come optionally with a CAN interface.

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Fuel injection system

Modules are CAN connected

[2018-04-20] The ECU030 is a fuel injection system for 2- and 4-stroke engines. It can be used not only for petrol blends but also for HF applications.

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Drive with PLC

Suitable for motors from 180 W to 4 kW

[2018-04-18] The CFW300 variable speed drive from WEG with an integrated PLC provides optionally CANopen or Devicenet interface. The product is intended for small machines.

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Valve island

With CANopen interface

[2018-04-10] Buerkert presented its Airline (Type 8652) valve island for control cabinets. The CANopen-connectable product provides integrated monitoring and diagnostic functions.

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Battery charger

Comes now with J1939-interface

[2018-03-29] Delta-Q (Canada) has announced the expansion of its capabilities to support the J1939 standards in its battery charging solutions.

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Hannover Messe 2018

Drive operates at speeds up to 1500 min-1

[2018-03-20] The PSD series by Halstrup-Walcher not only incorporates a stepper motor but all the relevant sub-systems such as control, CANopen interfaces, and incremental or absolute measurement system.

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Sontheim Industrie Elektronik

Safety ECU

Compliant with ISO 26262

[2018-03-13] Sontheim Industrie Elektronik (Germany) has developed the eSys-SVCx series with up to four CAN interfaces. Additionally, the safety ECU provides an optional LIN port.

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Frequency drive

For tight-space applications

[2018-03-12] With the PowerXL DB1 frequency drive, Eaton has launched its smallest frequency inverter. It features CANopen connectivity and complies with the CiA 402 profiles.

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Wireless charger

The API supports CAN connectivity

[2018-02-21] NXP has launched a 15-W wireless charging solution compatible with WPC Qi and PMA specifications. The product is designed for automotive applications.

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Servo drive

For mobile robotics applications

[2018-02-20] Servosila manufactures servo drives providing CAN connectivity. The protocol software complies with CANopen, but not with CiA 402.

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Servo drives

Single-cable connection

[2018-02-20] Kollmorgen has introduced the S700 servo controller providing optionally a CANopen interface. The output current ranges from 1,5 A to 72 A.

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Torque transducer

Measures over the rated temperature range

[2018-02-12] HBM (Germany) provides the T12HP digital torque transducer for dynamic measurements in test stands. The optionally CANopen-compatible transducer features unparalleled temperature stability and accuracy over the entire measurement range.

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Linear drive family

Dedicated for mobile machines

[2018-02-06] Thomson Actuators has introduced the Electrak HD product range featuring J1939 connectivity. It can handle loads up to 16 kN.

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Lighting and siren

Connected to the CAN-based in-vehicle network

[2018-02-01] Sound-off-Signal and Intermotive Vehicle Controls have developed jointly the Blueprint Control System linking lightings and sirens to CAN networks.

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Drive controller

The invisible lift car door opener

[2018-01-31] The Swiss elevator manufacturer, Schindler, and Maxon Motor also located in Switzerland have developed jointly a CAN-connectable drive system that moves the car lift doors.

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Drive controller

Wall-mountable and IP66-rated

[2018-01-09] Kostal (Germany) provides the Vertimo series of drive controllers equipped by default with CANopen and Modbus interfaces. There are four sizes manufactured.

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Nema-17 stepper motor

Optionally with CANopen interface

[2018-01-03] JVL Industri Elektronik (Denmark) has released the Servostep integrated stepper motor family (MIS171 to MIS176). They provide an embedded multi-turn encoder.

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Delta Electronics

Vector control drives

Come with CANopen interface

[2017-12-15] Delta Electronics (Taiwan) has developed the MH300 and MS300 series. They provide CANopen connectivity by default respectively optionally.

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Frequency inverter

With CANopen and Devicenet

[2017-12-12] The S2U by Bonfiglioli is an IP66-rated inverter series. It is particularly suited to harsh habitat applications. The heat sink is specially designed for extreme environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, and cleaning chemicals.

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ISP System

Reversible DC motor

Actuator with CANopen connectivity

[2017-12-06] ISP System announced CANopen actuators for armored vehicles. This includes electric and electromagnetic actuators.

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Smart Motor Devices

SPS IPC Drives 2017

CiA 402 compliant stepper controller

[2017-12-01] Smart Motor Devices (Estonia) has introduced the SMSD-4-2CAN controller, which provides CANopen connectivity. It comes with an additional USB port.

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Intec Motion Systems

SPS IPC Drives 2017

Motion controller with CiA 402

[2017-12-01] Intec Motion Systems presented its CANopen products at SPS IPC Drives 2017. Besides single-axis controllers, the company showed also its PCSe multi-drive controller.

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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen servo drive with CANopen cable

[2017-11-30] At the SPS IPC Drives 2017, Wittenstein shows its Simco drive servo controllers with CANopen interface.

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Electric municipal vehicle

Designed for speeds of up to 80 km/h

[2017-11-22] Baumueller has developed a drive system for electric vehicles. In a joint development it was applied to a vehicle, which can work as a sweeper, snowplow, or loader.

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CAN interface enables link to in-vehicle network

[2017-11-21] The Vectopower family comprises of inverters and DC/DC converters. The products can be used in trucks, locomotives, and ships.

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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen stepper with integrated controller

[2017-11-21] Halstrup-Walcher (Germany) exhibits at SPS IPC Drives 2017 its CANopen drives. These mechatronic system features control functions and an optional absolute measurement system.

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Agritechnica 2017

Electric drive system for commercial vehicles

[2017-11-21] Baumueller (Germany) exhibited in Hanover solutions for hybrid and electric powertrains. The products feature CAN connectivity.

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Li-battery charger

CAN-connectable and touch-safe

[2017-11-02] The ICL900 by Delta-Q (Taiwan) is a 900-W charger suitable for use on scooters, floor care machines, lift trucks, and sports, and utility vehicles.

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Protocol converter

FMS-to-EIA-232 converter

[2017-10-26] The CANgine-Light converts FMS (fleet management system) data into serial data. It is based on a 48-MHz micro-controller.

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Interlift 2017

CANopen Lift door unit

[2017-10-24] Meiller (Germany) presented at the Interlift 2017 its CANopen Lift door unit. It supports two energy-saving modes.

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Interlift 2017

Inverter for CANopen Lift

[2017-10-24] Yaskawa (Japan) presented at the Interlift 2017 its L1000A special-purpose inverter dedicated for elevator systems. It is specified for three million starts at 165-percent output current.

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Servo controller

CANopen interface complies with CiA 402

[2017-10-12] Trinamic Motion Control announced the TMCM-1633-CANopen device. It is a 300-W BLDC servo controller module with sinusoidal commutation.

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Traction converters

For light rail vehicles

[2017-10-05] The Bordline CC400 series by ABB is dedicated for trams, metros, streetcars, trolleys, and monorails. The products provide CANopen connectivity.

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Zub Machine Control becomes part of Maxon Motor

[2017-09-29] With the acquisition Maxon expands its product portfolio to multi-axes controllers.

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Stepper motor

Configurable via USB or Bluetooth

[2017-09-27] Camozzi (Italy) has introduced the DRCS series of CANopen drives. The product can be configured wireless and by means of USB.

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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen drive features 180 W to 370 W

[2017-09-22] EBM-Papst (Germany) presents its ECI 63.xx K5 drive system based on a brushless DC motor.

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Copley Controls

Servo controller

Features CANopen and STO

[2017-09-07] The Argus servo controller by Copley Controls (USA) addresses in particular AGVs (automated guided vehicles). It is designed for OEMs.

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Go Swissdrive

Eurobike 2017

Rear-wheel drive for pedelecs

[2017-09-06] Go Swissdrive has launched a CAN-connectable rear-wheel drive for pedelecs. It is compatible with the CAN hub by Cobi.

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For e-vehicles

Combining motor, power electronics, and transmission

[2017-09-05] Bosch has introduced the e-axle, a combination of electric motor, power circuitry, and transmission. This single powertrain device reduces development times for e-vehicles.

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Servo amplifier

For brushless motors with resolver

[2017-08-30] Mattke (Germany) offers the MDR230/4-6S digital servo amplifier. The product features a CANopen interface.

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Light electric vehicle

Battery for e-cargo bikes

[2017-08-24] BMZ (Germany) offers the Cargo Battery for e-cargo bikes. It comes with CAN.

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Drive controller

Comes housing-free and with cooling element

[2017-08-23] The Inveor P by Kostal is a CANopen-based drive controller without housing but a cold plate, which conducts the waste heat from the electronics to a cooling element of the customer application.

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Cutting-edge brake

The next step to highly automated driving

[2017-08-16] Continental has combined its MK C1 electronic brake with the MK 100-based hydraulic brake extension (HBE). The units are connected via CAN or CAN FD.

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Just 13 cm3 and 20 g

[2017-08-16] Elmo (Israel) has extended its Gold Twitter Nano family by a small and light-weighted servo-drive. It comes optionally with CANopen interface.

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Liquid Crystal Display

Integrated into headlights

[2017-08-01] Hella has developed LCD headlamps. In one approach, the pixel light distribution is calculated in an IC in the headlamp, which is connected optionally to CAN.

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Digital servo drives

Control motors up to 300 A

[2017-07-31] Ingenia (Spain) has launched the Titan Go and Titan Core servo controllers. The products are compliant with the CiA 402 CANopen profile.

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Programmable DC power supply

With 5-kW output

[2017-07-25] TDK has launched its Lambda Genesys+ series of programmable DC power supplies. They are optionally available with a Devicenet interface.

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Subsea power supply

Delivers 48 VDC

[2017-07-18] Powerbox (Sweden) has launched the PRBX VB410-380 power supply. It is dedicated for subsea applications requiring a high reliability.

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CANopen servo controller

In FPGA architecture

[2017-07-18] With the E°Darc C08D, Ferrocontrol which is part of the Eckelmann group (Germany) is extending its portfolio of 2-axis servo controllers by a more powerful model.

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Applied Motion Products

CANopen servo drive

For DC-powered applications

[2017-07-12] Applied Motion Products expanded its SV200 servo drive offering with the release of drives designed for use in DC powered applications. They support CANopen.

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Safety valve

Getting home safely to the port

[2017-07-11] Eltorque has developed a failsafe actuator for ships. The products are battery-powered to bring the ship home safely.

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Linear drive

Dedicated for mobile machinery

[2017-06-14] The LA36 linear motion controller by Linak provides a J1939 interface. It is intended for heavy-duty vehicles.

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Reciprocator and axis

For powder coatings

[2017-06-12] The ZA13 vertical reciprocator in combination with the UA04 gun-axis by Gema (Switzerland) provides coating results for various application tasks and object geometries.

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Motor controller

Networking up to 127 drives via CAN

[2017-05-31] Roboteq has introduced the RGBL1860 and RGBL1896 motion controllers for brushless DC motors. They are suitable for electric vehicles, material handling robots, electric boats, or agricultural robots.

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Electrical water valve

With servo motor and CAN-capable

[2017-05-24] The electrical water valve from Aurora comes with an AMA motor. It is available in 3, 5, or 6 poles with varied diameters. It provides a CAN interface.

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Parker Hannifin

Proportional valve

Supports the CiA 408 CANopen device profile

[2017-05-09] The D1FB and D3FB proportional hydraulic valves by Parker Hannifin comply with the CiA 408 specification (version 1.5.2). The valve parameters are factory set.

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Smart gripper

Designed for human/robot collaboration

[2017-05-08] Two members of the Co-act gripper family by Schunk are optionally equipped with CAN interfaces. Recently, the product series received the Hermes award.

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Parker Hannifin

Absolute position sensor

Mounted in the head of the hydraulic cylinder

[2017-05-08] Parker Hannifin has released the Intellinder linear encoder. The product comes with a CAN interface supporting optionally J1939 and CANopen safety.

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Hannover Messe 2017

CAN interface for proportional valves

[2017-04-28] The PD2 Electronics from Wandfluh (Switzerland) on the output side has a cable output for the free selection of the connecting plugs, or else it is installed directly on the solenoid.

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Battery chargers

CANopen and J1939 included

[20.06.2018] Delta-Q Technologies announced the expansion of its ICL series lithium battery chargers with the release of four high frequency lithium chargers – the ICL1200 and ICL1500 in 85-V and 120-V models.

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Barth Elektronik

PLC drives stepper motors

All parameters are communicated via CAN

[17.07.2018] The MC-800 stepper controller from Barth Elektronik (Germany) features directly connection to one bipolar stepper motor up to 2,8 A. It supports both, open and closed-loop operation modes.

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13-cm3 servo-drive

Winning “Technical Innovation of the Year” with CANopen

[11.06.2018] Elmo Motion Control’s (Israel) servo drive, the Gold Twitter, has won the “Technical Innovation of the Year” at the 2018 Motion Control Industry Awards. It comes with a CANopen interface.

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Frequency converter

Used in water-based refrigeration unit

[04.07.2018] The refrigeration unit eChiller from Efficient Energy integrates Sieb & Meyer’s SD2S drive amplifiers with Classical CAN and CANopen support. The chiller uses pure water as refrigerant and operates in a capacity range of 35 kW.

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