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126-mm height, 55-mm width, and 129-mm depth

The Brazilian WEG enterprise has introduced the CFW100 frequency inverter. It is available in three sizes for rated motors from 0,18 kW to 0,75 kW. The device features CANopen and Devicenet connectivity.

The CFW100 frequency inverter provides an integrated micro-PLC functionality (Photo: WEG)

THE LAUNCHED FREQUENCY INVERTERS are among the smallest of their kind. The products measuring 126 mm x 55 mm x 129 mm are able to provide 1,6 A to 4,2 A. The integrated PLC is programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages. The product comes with an LCD and a CAN interface supporting CANopen or Devicenet. The Brazilian company is a CiA member and started to offer its CANopen products in Germany at the end of last year. One of the predecessor CANopen products has been successfully tested for conformance by CiA.

Extension modules for the CFW100 are available to enable remote control of the device with an HMI/keypad or an infrared remote control. An optional flash memory card with integrated copy-and-paste functions allows parameter data sets to be saved and transferred. A Bluetooth link can also be implemented with an accessory plug-in module. The low-maintenance device concept additionally includes a replaceable ventilation module for some units.

The frequency operates three-phase motors from single-phase 200 V to 240 V supply (50/60 Hz). It has an overload capacity of 150 % of rated current for an interval of 60 seconds every 10 minutes. Voltage vector control (VVC) and V/f characteristic curve control are supported for driving three-phase induction motors. The product has an electronic thermal protection capability to prevent motor overheating and four digital inputs by default. Expansion plug-in modules can be added. The enclosure protection rating is IP20. The device can be used at ambient temperatures up to 50 °C. The SuperDrive G2 setup software can be downloaded for free from the company’s website.

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