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Increased energy efficiency in accordance with EC 640/2009

The drive controller platform series Inveor α by Kostal (Germany) is a solution in the application fields of climate control, ventilation, and pump technology. The platform takes ecodesign directive EC 640/2009 into account.

The Inveor α offers CANopen, Ethercat, and Profibus as optional fieldbus systems (Photo: Kostal)

THE SERIES HAS A POWER RANGE STARTING AT 0,25 kW, which means that applications for lower motor ratings can also be controlled with energy-efficiency in mind. In addition to this, the product comes with ecodesign directive EC 640/2009 and thus the statutory requirements in the field of electrical drive technology are taken into account. The unit can optionally be equipped with a CANopen interface.
According to the company, the adaptation concept allows the drive controller to be used with all common types of motors, including synchronous, asynchronous and EC motors and also be operated and programmed intuitively. It can be operated by means of a handheld controller with plain text display, an optional in-built foil keypad, or the company’s PC software with an integrated oscilloscope function. With its IP65 and IP55-rated die-cast housing and its ambient temperature of -25 °C to 50 °C, it is suitable for harsh environments.

The Inveor α offers CANopen, Ethercat, and Profibus as optional fieldbus systems (Photo: Kostal)

All sizes of the product (from 0,37 kW to 22 kW) offer basic models, which are almost identical in terms of design, handling and building structure. They are equipped with current vector control, a power saving function, as well as a PID controller with integrated stand-by function, which help increase energy efficiency. Another variant of the product comes with functional safety, which can be used for example in the mechanical engineering sector, for example in agitators. Due to this optional feature, no additional external safety components are required.

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