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Servo drive

Integrated PLC enables ladder programming

WEG (United Kingdom) has introduced its SCA06 servo drive with integrated PLC and positioning function. CANopen communication is included.

WEG’s SCA06 servo drive is available in different sizes (Photo: WEG)

THE DRIVES ARE AVAILABLE WITH CURRENT RATINGS from 4 A to 24 A in three sizes: 4,0 A rated output current with single-phase 230 V mains input, 5,0 A to 24 A rated output current with three-phase 230 V mains input, and 5,3 A to 14 A rated output current with three-phase 400 V mains input. The servo drives are suitable for precise, dynamic speed and torque control, and positioning tasks. Application areas include packaging and robot technology, machine tools, handling systems, sheet metal and paper processing, and conveyor systems.

The product can be extended with optional modules. The entire series has three slots available for a total of seven extension modules. This allows the drives to support additional encoder inputs or simulated encoder output, enabling synchronous operation of multiple drives. Other modules provide additional digital and analogue I/O, Modbus RTU, Profibus or Ethercat interfaces. A CANopen interface is integrated into the servo controllers as standard and can be set as master or slave. The servo drive can be controlled by an external device (such as CNC, for instance) via analog or digital inputs and outputs or network (for instance via the CANopen network). It may also operate independently by using its PLC/Positioner functions via ladder programming language according to the IEC 1131-3 standard. The built-in PLC is called Soft-PLC.

The product features an integrated six-digit HMI LED display. Programming data can be transferred via a USB interface. The programming software provides diagnosis and scope functions. Along with the integrated mains filters and brake choppers, a safety stop module and other modules are available.

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