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Diagnostics and motor for e-mobility solutions

For e-mobility solutions JD Group (Taiwan) has introduced the Logi X Line diagnostic platform and the M25 micro central motor from their Tranz X brand. The platform is based on CAN automotive diagnostic technology.

The M25 micro central motor (Photo: ITMS)

USING A DIAGNOSTIC PLATFORM BASED ON CAN, Logi X allows problem detection. Using fewer cables, the CAN network provides a higher data transmission speed than the standard I2C bus, and provides openness of the system through multi-host architecture. Parameters such as assistance ratio and the AGT shifting strategy can be adjusted. The automatic error-checking detects irregularities and reports them. The motor performance is monitored through debugging mechanisms – supported by real-time system read-outs and error detection.

The M25 motor generates a surge of power as strong as or stronger than larger e-bike motors of previous generations. It has been developed as a logical extension of the M07 motor range. The motor weighs 3,5 kg and comes with torque topping at 50 Nm and 36 V. Its battery is integrated into the bicycle frame and compatible with nearly every brake and shifting configuration says the company. Featuring a “one-bracket-fits-all” solution, the motor can be assembled with only three bolts a connection cable.

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