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Multi-axes master controller

CiA 301 and CiA 402 for 127 axes

Sun by Ingenia (Spain) is a standalone multi-axes master controller. It can control multiple servo drives using the CAN physical layer and the CANopen protocol.

Sun CANopen master controller (Photo: Ingenia)

THE PRODUCT REPRESENTS A “PLUG AND WORK” HARDWARE and software solution that are supposed to speed up the creation of systems that require the control, coordination, or synchronization of multiple axes in real-time. It is based on an embedded single board computer with a customized Linux OS, specifically tuned for real time applications. This means that expert users can customize the platform and extend its capabilities.

The controller is delivered with CAN/Move-It (CMI) from Icarus Technology. CMI is a software library that can be used to interact with devices, which use the CANopen communication protocol. It is used to design a master controller, which interacts with multiple slaves in real-time, implementing mainly two subsets of the CiA 301 and CiA 402 CANopen specification. While a large part of CMI is dedicated to the control of servo drives and motors, nevertheless the implementation of the generic CiA 301 stack is decoupled from the concept of motors and motion control and it can be reused and extended to support more protocols.

The master controller comes with a power supply of 5 V and a CPU (central processing unit) running at 800 MHz. It provides up to 127 axes (limited by CANopen specifications). Additionally it supports programming of multiple threads and can be debugged using the GDB GNU Project debugger for Windows or Linux. It provides interfaces like CAN, USB, and Ethernet.

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